8. I think my blog is possessed!

Something odd happened yesterday. It was a busy weekend. Some of the battered remnants of the South African book trade got together for a lunchtime party on Saturday. It was fun. The sort of fun that saw my post for the day being hammered out at 2 in the morning, with one eye closed. I made it just in time (2 o’clock for us is not quite midnight in WordPress land, wherever that may be). I’m still a bit nervous to go back and see what I wrote. WordPress has not closed my blog or banned me for life, so maybe it’s best just to leave well enough alone.





One of the aspects of parenting no-one warns you about is that it is no longer fun to have the sort of party that leaves you one-eyed at 2 in the morning. Or maybe that’s not quite right. It’s great fun. Until, at five the next morning, a pair of short but extremely vocal co-inhabitants of your home start a spirited debate about who gets to use the fluffy purple blanket. There is no mercy. No allowance for the fact that you might be feeling a little fragile. You will be bullied for Fruit Loops. Your little companions will cheerfully walk right past the kitchen to pry open one of your eyes to explain that you need to go and get them a glass of water because they are much too busy to. You will be very, very sorry about your little party.





And sorry I was. But I’ve always been a great believer in the idea that if you bring something down on your own head, you don’t get any sympathy. I fetched another fluffy purple blanket. I went through and made Fruit Loops. I told my little companions to bugger off and fetch their own damn water. Everyone has limits. And then I hammered out the post for the day. It wasn’t easy. The sun was unusually bright, and the noise of my fingers on the keyboard was nearly overwhelming (I think there’s something wrong with my laptop!) I had to be quick about it, too. We had another lunchtime party (our lives are a never-ending whirlwind of excitement.)

But I did it! I got the post out. I hit the publish button as we walked out the door. My post-a-day challenge remains on track. Why am I telling you this? I’m trying to explain why a quiet little post keeping people updated about my current endeavour should have been tagged “Winston Churchill”. But I can’t. It’s a mystery. I certainly didn’t put it there. I know that WordPress sometimes suggests some potential tags. Maybe one of those might have snuck in by mistake. A slip of the finger.


Maybe the universe thought my post needed cheering up.

Maybe the universe thought my post needed cheering up.


There’s a problem with that though. I reread the article. I checked all the pictures. There is nothing even faintly connected to Churchill in it. There isn’t even any mention of the war. Or England. Or fighting people on beaches. Churchill simply doesn’t belong there. It’s like I plucked his name out of the ether and slapped it down randomly on my post.

And on reflection, I think that’s exactly what happened. Whether you like him or not, Churchill’s was a great spirit. He was a dominant force in his own time, and he changed the world forever. Maybe people like that don’t go away. Maybe they stick around for ever, seeking out bloggers in weakened states and inserting themselves in their posts. I’m going to test this. Next Saturday I’m going to send the kids off to my mother’s house and see if I can get hold of Ghengis Khan by drinking three bottles of wine.

Don't be alarmed, we're just here to help you choose a category for your blog post.

Don’t be alarmed, we’re just here to help you choose a category for your blog post.

I don’t think it will work. Ghengis doesn’t belong here. He was all business. Not the good Sir Winston. He had a sense of humour. He was fun, in a terrifying sort of way. He was, in fact, a complete loony. Yes, he did some war stuff, but far more importantly he was obsessed with cheese. He liked a drink. In fact he liked quite a few drinks. If I follow through with my Ghengis experiment, maybe all I’ll get  is old Winston again. And he was an enthusiastic amateur nudist. No other head of state has been seen naked by so many people, up to and including FDR.

This picture looks somehow different when you realise that he's probably not wearing any pants.

This picture looks somehow different when you realise that he’s probably not wearing any pants.

I like people like that. He must have been a handful. He was certainly not a dry old soul who sat around signing treaties and redrawing maps. He was a rock-star. A hooligan. A force of nature. And if my blog is going to be haunted by an unquiet spirit, I’m glad it’s his!

20 thoughts on “8. I think my blog is possessed!

  1. […] according to subject or category. I’ve written about my children, art, Bob Marley and naked Winston Churchill. My most successful post was about Land Rovers, of all […]

  2. kelloggs77 says:

    WordPress always suggests “aviation” as a tag for my posts, regardless of the fact that I have never once posted about aviation. Maybe this means Amelia Earhart is haunting my blog. Or maybe it’s a subtle hint that my blog needs to disappear. Ba-da-bum-ching!

  3. pfstare says:

    Winston Churchill was an indomitable spirit. Or is one – if he’s haunting your blog. And so will Mrs T be. But she’d never be naked, she’d always have a suitable handbag. Winston I’m not so sure about…

  4. Complete understanding about the small people’s complete lack of sympathy for self induced chronic morning-itis. First and last time I ever drank myself into oblivion after the birth of our first was a 48C day and it involved several pints of ciderand gods only knows how much beer for my other half. 😦 Thank the gods for my mothers babysitting as there was no way that either my husband or I were even vaguely able to contemplate breathing, let along looking after a 6 month old until sometime after 5pm. I’ve never been even tipsy since.

    As for Mr Churchill, I think the image of him naked from the waist down has burned into my brain forever. I’m sending you the bill for the psychiatrist as it’s going to take many sessions to recover from the trauma.

    • 23thorns says:

      It doesn’t seem fair, does it? They spend half of their time driving you to drink and then they make sure it isn’t fun anymore!
      As for old Winston, I’m guessing that this is not one of those times when power is an aphrodisiac!

  5. narf77 says:

    (I totally meant that pun by the way…NOTHING to do with my complete lack of ability to spell… 😉 )

  6. narf77 says:

    You had best hope that Winnie hangs about and doesn’t hand over the reigns to Baroness Thatcher. I dare say she would have most of your dear constant readers sent off to the Antipodes to lick their wounds and “think about their reprobate ways” from afar ;).

  7. TamrahJo says:

    Perhaps gremlins have moved in – there have been a few posts and comments circulating regarding strange behavior since the last update..


    • 23thorns says:

      I’ve also come across a few things like that over the past week or two. But in this case I suspect the strange behaviour was all mine. Like I said, it was a busy weekend.

  8. Acbnews International says:

    Reblogged this on enjoy!www.acbnews.tumblr.com.

  9. Joel says:

    “… men will still say, ‘This, was his finest post.'”
    Probably not, but still humorous.

    • 23thorns says:

      Forgive me. I’ve just discovered how people are making those funny little yellow faces. Give me a few days to get it out of my system and I promise never to do it again after that.

  10. I love this! This is so much like my life. Please write a book about this funny stuff. I will be your first customer. May I have a signed copy?

  11. billgncs says:

    that’s the spirit!

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