49. Seven Weeks.


It’s Sunday again. Sundays are proving to be a little awkward. You see, I’m trying to do a hundred posts in a hundred days, and get 60 000 views while doing so. Sundays were, in my mind, going to be set aside for a sort of progress report. Which is all well and good, but I’m halfway now, and a couple of interesting things are happening.

Firstly, things have been going quite well. I have built up a small group of loyal readers who have somehow stuck this out so far. Which is very kind of them. The sort of kind that should not be punished with the same post every Sunday. And that’s how things have turned out.

I’ve hit a ceiling. I was sort of hoping that The number of hits I was getting would rise steadily throughout this process. Instead, my blog seems to have found its natural level. About 300 views a day. There it sits. And has done for three weeks. Which makes for pretty dull weekly updates. So let’s get it out of the way. Yes, I’m still doing a post every day. No, I’m not getting 60 000 views. I’m getting close to half of that. And no, that does not make me sad.

I, too, am halfway there. But not spending nearly as much on hairspray.

I, too, am halfway there. But not spending nearly as much on hairspray.

The other thing that is happening with these Sunday reports is that by this point, most of those who are reading my blog know what I am doing. So it must be a bit odd to have to sit through a weekly recap. But I hope you will indulge me, since the alternative is to have first time readers come on and be completely clueless as to what they were reading about.

No really, please, I'm dying to hear your story. For the seventh time.

No really, please, I’m dying to hear your story. For the seventh time.

But those are just minor housekeeping issues. How is the blogging going? Fine. I haven’t run out of ideas yet, and have fallen into some kind of rhythm. Or at least I had fallen into some sort of rhythm. The wheels came off a bit in the second half of the week. Firstly, my son got sick, and had to stay home. Which was a little disruptive.

My son does being sick like Michaelangelo does being a painter.

My son does being sick like Michaelangelo does being a painter.

Then I had to go to Father’s Day at my daughter’s school, which was a little disruptive. And weird. It would be OK if I was spending the morning with my daughter. But I wasn’t. I spent the morning drinking coffee with a bunch of strangers on a freezing lawn before briefly popping in to the class to nod at the teacher and take my daughter home. It’s sexism at its worst. Mrs 23thorns got a champagne breakfast and a concert. I got a lukewarm coffee and a samosa with an auditor from a pharmaceutical importer. Yay.

So that was the time that the books balanced, hey? Tell me one of your cool not-balancing stories. Again.

So that was the time that the books balanced, hey? Tell me one of your cool not-balancing stories. Again.

And to round it all off, I went away for the night on short notice on Friday night.

All the ups and downs showed in my figures for the week. I managed to get something out every day, but I don’t think some of them were any good. I even cheated yesterday and rehashed an old piece about a pair of robber-magistrates.

Apart from that, I wrote about Kirsti Alleys lust for Italians, my daughter’s assault on the world of fashion,  birds that are not owls, and a tiny, tiny, dayflying bird that is an owl. Or owlet. And I sailed fairly close to the wind by coming up with some alternative WordPress awards.

I was a bit nervous about that post. Some of the people who read this blog have been kind enough to nominate me for awards. Lots of others will have proudly accepted them. I in no way wanted to mock any of these people. I have never accepted any awards, but not because I think they are stupid or evil. When I first got nominated for one, I misunderstood it and turned it down. So now that’s what I do.

Oh well. Nearly half way there. The kids are at home again tomorrow, so god knows what you’ll be getting, but after that, things should go back to normal. I’d love to see you there. Here’s today’s vote.

27 thoughts on “49. Seven Weeks.

  1. UUmmm…. only 300 views – please send them my way 😉 AND every woman deserves champagne, she pushed the little blighter out!!

  2. pfstare says:

    The made up blog awards post was very funny. No nerves required. Keep going!

  3. 300 hits a day is phenomenal. Don’t worry. You’ll make it!

  4. Mmnm says:

    Nope, been here since before day 1 (?!) and still here happily reading whatever you churn out 0v0

    Though, do you know that the human and dog skeleton comes from the Australian Museum here in Sydney? There’s also a parrot, cat and mouse in the same display, and that dog is lamenting over the fact that its owner would rather stare into space than taking it for a walk whilst forever tempting it by holding its leash in one hand, as if to say, “just one more moment, then we’ll go for a walk”

  5. Nylabluesmum says:

    The picture of the skeleton person & dog had me howling with laughter…I promise to get thru the mound of blogs you have written…..or as close as possible…..what was your point here?? LOL…I have a short attention span too!!!!
    Hope your Son recovered quickly from being sick…
    Oh & by the way define ‘normal’!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Sherri-Ellen T-D.

  6. menomama3 says:

    I see the worm has turned. Looking forward to your final post and a picture of the worm dangling above your open gob.

  7. Jocelyn Hers says:

    Now you can sympathize with all those writers of weekly columns who have to write every week or face the wrath of a subeditor who has a column of plain white space to fill, not to mention the monthly cheque that won’t arrive. I want to know, where do you find your illustrations? Do you have access to a sort of illustration Google, where you can ask it for ideas?

  8. Narf 77 sure knows a lot about you!

  9. TamrahJo says:

    I vote for option #4 –
    “do whatever you like -but if it’s a post, I’ll come read it.”

  10. narf77 says:

    4am is NOT the time to be assailed by Bon Jovi Mr 23Thorns! Unlike most of the female persuasion I am not a fan. Cheers for inserting “Living on a Prayer” in my half asleep early morning brain for the rest of the day. Glad to see that I got to participate with the main consensus today…go eat that worm Mr 23Thorns and try some of the tequila that it floats in…Might make for a couple of good posts. Just don’t try this when you are minding the kids. Children and dogs are well aware of when your defences are down and you will wake up with a Mohawk, no eyebrows, wearing one of Mrs 23Thorns bra’s and not much else and with the proof already winging its way to every single one of your most religious relatives…children are harsh. Save half the bottle (minus the worm…remember we want you to eat that…) for when you realise just how much trouble you are going to be in when Mrs 23Thorns gets back from N.Z.

    • 23thorns says:

      The worm eating faction lost the vote, I’m afraid. Can I drink the tequila anyway? The kids are getting antsy with all the cold weather, and are desperate for something to do.

      • narf77 says:

        Give the kids the worm and drink the bottle…it can only end in a great post (don’t forget to give the kids a camera and tell them how to use it…precious memories 🙂 )

  11. Ashana M says:

    I wanted to vote for all of the above, but that was not an option.

  12. The Rider says:

    Just keep on going… maybe we will have a breakthrough soon, I am now nearing 10000 hits, but also in the 200-300 hits a day bracket…

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