58. Dave

The Japanese are sending a man into space. There’s nothing unusual about this; he’s just going up to man the international space station for a while. What is unusual is that they are sending a robot up with him. This is Kirobo.

Now also available from Toys'R'Us.

Now also available from Toys’R’Us.

One day, the Japanese designers of Kirobo hope that they can design robots to actually perform useful tasks up in space, but that’s not what Kirobo’s going for. Kirobo is going up into space to chat to the astronaut. That’s it. He is programmed to have conversations. And take pictures. Continue reading

56. The chief of police.

I was going to carry on writing about owls today, but then something in the news caught my eye. This man is called Mzwandile Petros. In fact he is called Liutenant General Mzwandile Petros. He’s a policeman.

No, he's not Greek.

No, he’s not Greek.

He’s a very important policeman. He is the chief of police of South Africa’s Gauteng province, its richest and most densely populated. It’s where I live. Mr Petros (or is that Lieutenant General Petros?) has just had a most unfortunate experience. He was robbed. Sort of. Continue reading

48. A tale of two magistrates.

I’ve just got back from a night away. It’s late, and it’s been a long day. I don’t have a post in me today.

I was busy. Sitting back and watching these.

I was busy. Sitting back and watching these.

 I did, however, have a post in me in April last year. I posted this on a news site before I wandered over to WordPress. There had been a news report that two men, impersonating policemen, had robbed a scrap dealer. I know this is cheating, But I’m 48 posts into a 100 post streak, and I can’t let mere honesty stand in my way. So take another stroll with me down memory lane. Here we go… Continue reading

43. Kirstie Alley is feeling a little antsy.

Journalism has changed a lot since I was a boy. Or at least my understanding of journalism has changed a lot.

When I was at school, some or other teacher had sat us down and explained that it was the role of a journalist simply to report the news. A good journalist would offer up the facts, leaving his or her own opinions, biases, and prejudices on one side, and let the reader or watcher draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions based on those facts.

The ideal journalist, circa 1987.

The ideal journalist, circa 1987.

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